CS with Stars


Description and Photograph




     This is perhaps the most desirable of all Confederate States belt plates because of its beautiful design.  The eleven stars, surrounding the letters CS represent eleven Southern States.  It is without a doubt one of the most attractive of the Confederate belt plates.

    The example shown here is one that has everything a collector could want.  It has just enough ground action to readily convince even the most discriminating dealer or collector that there is no doubt that it is authentic; but it is perfect in every regard.  Its history is also well known and documented.

     The plate was excavated by a coin shooter (someone who detects for coins) in Berrien County, Michigan on May 2, 2016.  He was hunting where a seventy year old sidewalk was being replaced.  After the old walk was ripped out, he ran his machine through it and found this plate another four inches down.  There was never any action or prison site there, so a Union veteran must have lost it more than seventy years ago, before the sidewalk was put down.  Though in the dirt, being under the sidewalk, out of the rain helped preserve it in nearly perfect condition.  It would be impossible to acquire a better excavated example of this ultra-rare plate.

     And to think, he was disappointed it was not a rare coin.

     It comes with an affidavit from him detailing the history of his finding the plate.




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