Infantry Officer’s Kepi


Description and Photograph





    This officer’s kepi with regulation infantry blue trim was manufactured in 1861.  This style is copied from the French Chasseur pattern and we refer to them as kepis, but during the War the Confederates simply called them caps.  The cap’s cadet grey body and royal blue branch of service band are made of high quality wool broadcloth.  The cap is lined with cotton.  The sweatband is made of checkered leather, the visor from black patent leather.  The single strand of gold metallic braid and quatrefoil are that of a Confederate First or Second Lieutenant.

     A unique history is recorded on the cap’s visor.  The paper label adhered to the visor reads “______Cap Had _t (it) on when killed November 27th-1863  Battle of Rappahannock.”  The main battle of Rappahannock took place on November 7th, not the 27th.  The date discrepancy could be a simple mistake, or since the armies were still skirmishing in the area, it is possible that the owner was killed in a skirmish on the 27th.

     A presentation is inked on the inside of the sweat band.  It reads “JPS to CFT  1861 __24th”. 

     I have not yet discovered the identity of CFT, but he could most likely be identified with proper research.

     The sweatband was partially loose and has been tacked down with a few stitches.  The cap is in excellent condition inside and out.

    A letter of examination from America’s foremost authority on Confederate uniforms accompanies the cap.




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