Confederate Colonel's Frock Coat


Description and Photograph





     The double-breasted frock coat shown here is adorned with the rank insignia of a Confederate Colonel.  The coat is made of cadet gray wool broadcloth.  The frock's breast is padded with raw cotton batting and lined with the same cadet gray broadcloth used for the frock's outer construction.  The sides and back are lined with a cotton/silk fabric that has what appears to be ivy inside a wreath woven into the material.  An inner pocket is set into each breast.  The frock's skirt is lined with the same cotton/silk material as the back and sides.  Inner pockets are set into the tails.

     The coat's breast is adorned with fourteen Federal staff officer's buttons with Extra Quality backmarks.  The tails have one MVC button and three of the identical Federal staff buttons with the Extra Quality backmarks.  Each sleeve carries three Federal staff cuff buttons; all six have the same Extra Quality backmarks.

     The sleeves, breast and tail pockets are lined with unbleached cotton twill.  The sleeves carry the three rows of braid rank insignia of a Confederate field officer which is correct for a Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel.  The braid was applied at the time of manufacture, which indicates that its owner was a Major or above when the coat was made.  The collar carries the three stars of a Confederate Colonel on each side, but the central star on each side is larger than the flanking stars with the exception of the right rear star which is larger than either.  The large central star and the three rows of sleeve braid suggests that the coat was originally made for a Confederate Major and the additional stars were added as he rose in rank from a Major to a full Colonel.  The collar facing is made of fine wool in a buff color with a pinkish tint. 

     Confederate Colonel's frock coats are extremely rare in any condition, but this one is exceptionally attractive, inside and out.  The coat has been properly conserved and is ready for display on the mannequin that accompanies it.  This is the actual Colonelís frock coat shown on page 267 of Collecting the Confederacy.




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