A Confederate's Enfield


Description and Photograph





     In the spring of 1861, Caleb Huse was sent to England in order to procure arms for the Confederacy.  Once purchased, these arms were shipped out of England on merchant vessels bound for the Bahama Islands.  When the arms arrived in the Bahamas they were stored until a Blockade Runner could be engaged.  The fast moving Blockade Runner would then slip into a Southern port under cover of darkness. Charleston, Savannah and Wilmington were the main ports of entry.  The vast majority of the arms the Blockade Runners delivered cannot be verifiably identified as Confederate long arms.  Fortunately, some can.

     The 1862 Tower Enfield shown here is a perfect textbook example of an original, verifiably Confederate imported long arm.  The post-production numbers engraved into the butt-plate tang, ramrod and bayonet and the JS over an Anchor, Confederate inspector’s cartouche, shown in the accompanying photographs assure that this is a genuine CS long arm.

     The gun is in near mint, unfired, 100% original condition.  The markings are clear; the wood is crisp; the bore is mint.  It still has its original Enfield rifle sling attached. 

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