Confederate Sergeant Majorís Jacket


Description and Photograph





      The Confederate artillery jacket shown here is one of the few you will ever see with Non-Commissioned Officerís rank insignia.  In fact, I have never seen another for sale.  This is one of the very few, true Confederate regulation uniform jackets.

     The Sergeant Majorís position was not a company level position, but rather a battalion level position, as was that of a Colonel of Artillery.  Similarly, within the infantry, a Sergeant Major would not be assigned below the regimental level.  As the senior staff Non-Commissioned Officer, he reported to the Colonel and represented the enlisted men before the officers.  He executed all details ordered by the Colonel that pertained to the battalion, as opposed to serving individual batteries or supporting elements within the battalion.  The Sergeant Major assisted the Colonel in the supervision of the battalion's operations and was responsible for the administrative work of the battalion.  He assigned, assisted, supervised, and checked various details such as the posting of guards, equipment repair, stable call, and horse grooming.  He was overseer of training and discipline, and instructed the other Sergeants on their respective duties as Non-Commissioned Officers.  When on the battlefield the Sergeant Major directed the gunners according to the battalion Colonelís orders.

     This stunning jacket is in excellent condition, with only the slightest of mothing; as the photos show, the insignia color remains brilliant.  The rarity and condition of this coat mark it as one of the very best in public or private collections.  This is the most visually appealing Confederate jacket I have ever seen.  It comes with full dye analysis from Old South Military Antiques and an examination report from Les Jensen.      

     The jacket is published on page 260 of Collecting the Confederacy.   




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