1/6 Plate Ambrotype


Description and Photograph




   This remarkable image illustrates the “flower of the Confederacy”, those early volunteers who formed the finest light infantry the world has ever known.  The early army was made up of the very best of Southern society; men who were intelligent, brave to a fault, patriotic and determined.  Their force of will was felt at 1st Manassas, and in the fearless charges of the Seven Days and 2nd Manassas.  They died in their tracks at Sharpsburg rather than yield to overwhelming odds.  With each battle their numbers decreased out of proportion to their conscripted brothers in arms so there were very few left at the end.

     This 1/6 plate ambrotype shows an aristocratic young gentleman prepared to defend his home and family.  With a revolver and large D-guard bowie knife he is set to defy all comers, though you can see from his countenance that he recognizes that it will not be a “grand frolic” as so many early volunteers did.

     The image remains in beautiful condition, with good clarity and color.  It is housed in its leatherette full case with repaired spine.

     Confederate images with such large and clear D-guard knives are the most desirable of Confederate photography.




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