Rare Complete CS Belt Rig


Description and Photograph




     I have been involved in the Confederate antiques world for more than thirty years, and I am pretty sure this is only the second belt rig that I have had that was complete with the sword hangers and over-the-shoulder support strap.  I have probably seen a few others, but so few that I cannot recall any.

     That said - the belt is not perfect.  The belt was not broken, but had a weak place, which was reinforced on the inside with an approximately by 1 inch piece of leather.  And, as you can see by the mounting, it is strong. Also, the short strap has either been repaired or reinforced; I cannot tell which, only that something was done.  It cannot be seen except with close examination in good light (I did not see it when I bought the belt).  Other than these two minor things, the belt is perfect, and perfectly complete.

     As I earlier mentioned, it has its leather over the shoulder strap, complete with leather covered adjustment buckle.  It has its sword hangers, complete with the original fasteners.  The waist belt adjuster is complete with brass adjuster and leather keeper.  All D rings are tight in place.  The two piece buckle is one of the most desirable Richmond made variants and it still retains a large amount of its original gilt. 

     The belt is strong and supple and ready to mount on your uniform.  As can be seen in the images, a great belt really makes a great uniform stand out from its peers.




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