W. J. McElroy Artillery Sword


Description and Photograph





     The Artillery Sword shown here is a wartime product of Macon, Georgia.  Macon was home to two Confederate sword makers, W. J. McElroy and E. J. Johnston.  Johnston sometimes put his name and location on the cross guard of the artillery sword that he manufactured, so we know the characteristics of the swords that he made, even when they are unmarked.  To the casual observer, this sword would appear nearly identical to the Johnston swords.  So, while there is no known, maker marked, McElroy foot artillery sword, I believe, as does the collecting community at large, that the pattern shown here was manufactured by William J. McElroy in Macon.

     The sword is in its original wooden scabbard with tin mounts.  The scabbard is more attractive than the most because the wooden portion is coated with a clear shellac or lacquer.  This is the third example I have encountered in this configuration (See another on page 9 of Collecting the Confederacy).  Perhaps it was meant as a presentation or special order.  We will never know for certain, however it is without a doubt the most attractive of this model I have ever seen.  The artillery sword and its scabbard are in perfect, untouched condition.  The blade is as bright as the day it was made, and this is not the result of cleaning; rather it is the result of extremely good care over the last 150 years.  It would be impossible to improve on this example.                                                  




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