Massive D-Guard

Confederate Fighting Knife


Description and Photograph




     The Confederate knife shown here is very heavily constructed.  Both the knife and its original, russet scabbard are substantially built.  It is 21.5 inches long; the massive blade is 3/8 of an inch wide and weighs a monstrous two pounds.  The knife is not well finished but is very well made.  It would be classed in the category of those knives that we refer to as “blacksmith made” knives, though of the higher quality of that class.  It is not one of a kind, but is a pattern and the maker produced more than one pattern.  There is a published image of an identical knife and scabbard, and carved into the second knife are the words “DEATH TO ABOLITION”.  There is a third knife by the same maker.  The third knife is a D-guard, but shows the same workmanship, slab grips, heavy blade and is in the identical scabbard.  Hopefully one day the maker of this rare pattern will be identified.  In the meantime, a huge knife that is identical to a “DEATH TO ABOLITION” knife will do!

          The knife’s scabbard is russet and is also very high quality.  The scabbard has a leather reinforcing band at the throat which supported a heavy belt loop attachment, but even with the heavy loop it did not hold up.  The soldier who wore it used a cloth string to form the loop; it too is now broken.  The scabbard has a small tear, only half way through one side, near the toe, which can be seen in the images.  It is interesting to note that the rigged loop is placed so that a left handed man could cross draw the knife from its sheath.  The scabbard’s leather remains very strong and supple.

     The knife, though not nearly so fine as a cutler’s work, is very well constructed, tight as the day it was made.  It retains its heavy, pleasing natural patina.  Both it and its original scabbard are excellent.  




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