Boyle, Gamble & MacFee

Richmond, Virginia


Description and Photograph




     In 1861, Edwin Boyle, Thomas Gamble and Edward MacFee formed a partnership for the purpose of manufacturing edged weapons for sale to the Confederate States Government.  The company manufactured Cavalry swords, Foot Officers swords,  Artillery swords, Bowie knives, bayonet adapters and Sabre Bayonets like the one shown here. 

     These weapons are highly prized and sought after by Confederate collectors; both for the crude beauty of their relief cast, firm name and address and their extreme rarity.  

     The bayonet has a twenty inch long, flat blade without any pretence of a fuller and a five inch handgrip.  The locking mechanism works perfectly.  The blade is semi bright and smooth, the edge has a few light nicks.  Both the grip and blade are serial number 72.

     It is sheathed in its completely original, Boyle, Gamble & MacFee scabbard.   The stitching is complete and tight.  The leather is strong and retains a good finish.  Though the leather has been crinkled at the top of the toe, it will still easily stand unsupported in a horizontal position.

     The rarity, condition and desirability combined in this artifact classes it among the truly extraordinary Confederate historical antiques.                                            



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