M. V. Davis' 49th Va. Cap Box


Description and Photograph




     This near mint condition Confederate manufactured cap box (note the single belt loop and lead closing finial) has a soldier’s name and regiment cut into its face.  The cutting is unquestionably original to the box.

                                                M. V. Davis

                                                     49 VA

     Martin V. Davis was 24 years old when the war started.  He stood 5'8", had a dark complexion and hazel eyes.

     He must have been an enthusiastic young man, enlisting for the war in Captain C. A. Nelson's Quantico Guards, July 1st, 1861.

     Formed in Prince William County, Virginia, the Guards soon became Company D, 49th Virginia Infantry.

     The Regiment fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from Williamsburg through Cold Harbor.  It was then sent to the Shenandoah under Jubal Early but was back with the A. N. V. in time to suffer the Appomattox Campaign.

     Private Davis was wounded along with 35% of his Regiment on that third fateful day at Gettysburg.  Wounded and captured, he was first sent to Ft. Delaware on July 9th then on October 26th of that same year he was transferred to Point Lookout.

     After having languished in prison for eight months he was paroled and exchanged at Camp Lee, near Richmond and returned to the Petersburg trenches.

     Though his regiment was involved in the Appomattox Campaign, Davis somehow escaped and was not paroled until April 27, 1865 at Winchester Virginia.

     I don't think you could possibly find a more historical cap box than this.       



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