Pure Confederate D-Guard

29th Mississippi Watch Fob/ID Badge


Description and Photograph




This massive 20.5-inch D-guard has all of the hallmarks of the classic Confederate fighting knife.  The elegant shaped blade is sharp on both edges from ricasso to point.  The stag horn grip is ensconced in a forged iron D-guard having an extended counter stroke guard.  The tin scabbard’s belt loop is mounted at forty-five degrees allowing for a swift cross draw.

The knife and scabbard are in excellent, untouched condition.

Robert Neely Provine entered service as a 2nd Lieutenant on March 6, 1862 at his home in Big Creek Mississippi.  Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, late that same year, he served with the 29th until he was captured at Lookout Mountain on November 24, 1863.

He was sent to Johnson's Island prison.  He did not take the oath until June 13, 1865.

Being an unreconstructed Rebel, he was Commander of the J. Gordon #553 Confederate Veterans for many years.

He is mentioned many times in the original Confederate Veteran magazine including his obituary.  He was still at Big Creek Mississippi at the time of his death.

This badge served as a watch fob/ID tag during his veteran service.

The watch fob and D-guard were purchased at the same estate sale and it is assumed that the D-guard belonged to R. N. Provine. 



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