S. C. Robinsonís Sharps Carbine


Description and Photograph




    The carbine shown here was made in Samuel C. Robinsonís Arms Manufactory located at 9th and Arch Streets in Richmond, Virginia.

     Robinson produced approximately 1900, .52 caliber carbines for the Confederate government between late 1862 and early 1863, this is serial number 1468.  In early 1863 the Confederate Government bought out Robinsonís manufactory and continued to produce the same carbine, minus the S. C. Robinson name on the barrel and lock plate.  Based on this carbineís markings it can be estimated that it was made in February 1863.  At this time the Confederate government was straining every nerve to arm its fast growing cavalry corps, consequently it would have been immediately put into service.

     Such a high quality carbine was no doubt highly prized by the Confederate Cavalryman and he did all that he could to keep it; the names L.S. Good and  F.M. Scott are cut into the carbineís stock.

I have done extensive research to try and determine who these men were.  The difficulty being that so many men could have the same initials, or even just one initial and the last name in the Confederate records.  I have researched the names with the assumption that they would be in the same regiment, but that is not necessarily so.  I was never able to identify which two men it was who owned the gun.  The closest I could locate were Seddon Goode, of Youngís Cavalry 2nd & 3rd  Virginia and F.M. Scott of Co A, 2nd Virginia Cavalry.  I do not consider these two as being a positive identification.

     Serial number 1468, shown here is very well marked.  The serial number is found on the lock, the underside of the barrel, the backside of the sling bar and on the frameís tang.  The company name, Richmond address and year are clearly stamped into the topside of the barrel and the lock plate.       All of the markings are crisp and clear and the metal is beautifully smooth and has a rich, deep patina.  The bore is very good, the rifling remains strong. 




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