Leech and Rigdon Revolver


Description and Photograph




    In the spring of 1862, Thomas Leech and Charles Rigdon began manufacturing revolvers on Coltís pattern in Columbus, Mississippi.  No more than two to three hundred were made in Mississippi before December of 1862, when the firm evacuated and eventually relocated in Greensboro, GA.  From early 1863 Leech and Rigdon manufactured revolvers in Greensboro until their partnership dissolved in late 1863.  It is thought that 900 revolvers were made in total up until this dissolution.  Rigdon then took a new partner, Jesse Ansley and moved to Augusta, Georgia.  In Augusta, approximately another 600 revolvers were manufactured before design changes were made and production continued.  This timeline would mean revolver number 1109, shown here, was made in early 1864. 

     This particular revolver is one of a very few purchased by the state of South Carolina and has the South Carolina (S.C) cartouche stamped into the bottom of the grip stock.  There are only a few surviving South Carolina marked examples in existence and of these few, this is the best example I have ever examined.  This revolver is exceptionally well marked; the markings are as follows: Leech & Rigdon CSA on top of barrel flat, 1109 on cylinder, 1109 on leg, 1109 on bottom of frame, 1109 on trigger guard, 1109 on butt strap, 1109 on loading lever, 1109 on wedge, 1109 on center pin, cryptic N on both sides of trigger guard, 1109 penciled in grip stock under the back strap, and S.C on the bottom of the grip stock.




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