Confederate Infantry Trousers


Description and Photograph




    The trousers shown here come with a notarized letter from a descendent of William Viser.  I find this spelled many different ways: Vasser, Visor, Vapar, Vassar, Vicer, Vison, etc.  William Viser, as best as I can tell, was in the 9th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry and these are infantry trousers.  The 9th was for a short while converted to infantry and they may indeed have been William Visorís, but I suspect that the descendent had more than one antecedent in the Confederate Army and the correct identity to the original owner has gotten lost.  I simply cannot say for sure.  That said it is an incredible find.

     These trousers were made by an expert seamstress or tailor.  The infantry blue stripes running down each leg were made by positioning the selvedge edge of the bolt of cloth properly to form it. All of the original bone buttons remain, there is no moth damage; the only damage is from wear and the only repairs were done then.  In other words, condition could hardly get better and the photos speak for themselves in regards to the visual impression.  This is the first pair of Confederate trousers (excepting rags) I have ever seen on the market without the coat or jacket and it will likely be a long time before it happens again.  This is a truly rare and special find.               




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