2nd Virginia Cavalry Accoutrements


Description and Photograph




   The Cap Box shown here has a lead closing finial.  The leather is strong and supple and the box would be perfect had not the closing tab come off.  The original tab is inside the box.

     The Cartridge Box is of Confederate manufacture as well.  It is a good solid box with lead finial.  The tins are missing as are the sling buckles, but all in all it is a pretty good Confederate Cartridge Box.  The Confederate soldier who carried this box carved his initials into the front flap, J T.

     Most remarkable; however, is the extraordinary carving on and in this Confederate Percussion Cap Box.  J T VA and 1862 are carved into the face of the outer flap.  Who was J T?  Well, J T was kind enough to carve another clue.  On the inside of the outer flap, he deeply carved J T 2 VA CAVALY.

     Even with all of this information it is not possible to say which J T of the 2nd VA Cavalry this belonged to.

     The 2nd Virginia Cavalry organized in Lynchburg, Virginia in May of 1861.  The Second fought at Bull Run, Jacksons Valley Campaign, Groveton, Sharpsburg, Fredricksburg, Kellys Ford, Chancellorsville, Brandy Station, Aldie, Upperville, Gettysburg, Shepardstown, Wilderness, Todds Tavern, Spotsylvannia, Haws Shop and Cold Harbor.  They fought through the Valley with Early, then served till the end at Petersburg and Appomattox.

     At Appomattox the 2nd cut their way out, never surrendering. 




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