Confederate States Navy Sword


Description and Photograph




     The exquisite sword shown here is known as the Dolphin Head, taking its name from the unusual design of the pommel.  This sword, made by Robert Mole in Birmingham, England is a pattern made especially for Confederate Naval officers.  Moleís mark is stamped clearly into the spine.  It was one of the few that ran through the blockade into Charleston, South Carolina and it is clearly stamped on the ricasso Courtney & Tennent Charleston, S.C.

     It was during the War Between the States that Courtney & Tennent supplied buttons, militaria and swords of various patterns to the Confederate Navy.  Courtney & Tennent did not manufacture arms; instead they purchased military supplies wholesale from England and resold them at retail in Charleston, South Carolina.  Though they did not make them, the swords that they sold to the Confederate Navy are readily identifiable by the Courtney & Tennent dealerís mark stamped into their ricasso.  The sword they sold to Confederate Naval Officers is as rare or rarer than virtually any Confederate manufactured sword.

     While rarity is one reason for its desirability, the swords unequaled beauty is what makes nearly all Confederate sword aficionados long to add one to their collection.  From its unique dolphin head shaped pommel, which extends its scaled neck down to a ferule at the base of its shagreen covered grip, to its basket emblazoned with the fouled anchor symbol of the Confederate navy, it is a thing of beauty.  Its grip is wound with three strands of brass, the central of which is horizontally wound wire.  The hilt retains nearly all of its heavy gilt.  Its original sword knot still hangs from the guard.

     The swordís glistening bright blade is adorned with a brightly etched and chased Confederate First National Flag, overlain with an anchor.  Sea flora, cannon and anchors all enrich the bladeís beauty.  Crisply stamped at the ricasso is the Confederate importerís mark.  The sword is sheathed in its original scabbard.  It too is a unique thing of beauty; the sword mounts are cast into the form of knots and the drag is formed of entwined serpents.  The leather has been preserved virtually as perfect as the day it was made.  The drag and mounts still retain 98 or 99% of their original gilt.

     Several of the leading sword collectors in the country and some of the top dealers have viewed this sword and all unanimously declared it the finest example of this rare sword known to exist.  This example is perfect in all regards!  It is very seldom that this pattern comes on the market and never before has one been seen in such a perfect state of preservation.  This is the best of the best!




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