C. S. Richmond Sharps


Description and Photograph




     Samuel Robinson began making Sharps model carbines for the Confederate Government in December of 1862.  Robinson completed just over 1900 guns before the C. S. Government bought him out in March of 1863.

     The C. S. Government continued Robinsonís serial number range and produced roughly another 3500 carbines by the spring of 1864, when production ceased.  The guns are nearly identical, only distinguished by the change in markings, which consisted of ceasing to use Robinsonís stamp, all other markings remained the same.

     The .52 caliber carbine pictured here is serial number 2733.  Its manufacture date, based on production figures and time of operation, would place this carbineís manufacture in about June 1863.  The serial number is on the underside of the barrel, the lock and the sling bar.  The interior lever spring is cracked, but it cannot be seen without disassembling the gun.  It does not effect the operation (it still functions, only the pressure is lighter) or the gunís value.

     The metal is smooth and remains semi bright, it has not been cleaned!  The wood has good crisp edges and only very minor scratches.  The carbineís rifling is super strong.  The number markings and the Richmond barrel mark are struck clear and crisp.  Deeply carved into the left stock face are the initials JTL. 

     This is the very best Richmond Carbine I have ever offered for sale.




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