Virginia Contract Revolver


Description and Photograph



     The revolver shown here is a Massachusetts Arms, Adams patent revolver, serial number 52.  These high quality 36 caliber five shot revolvers were much admired and were bought by both Virginia and the Federal Government.  The early serial numbered revolvers were purchased under contract by the state of Virginia just prior to the War and were issued to Virginia cavalry units in 1861.  The higher numbers were purchased by the Federal government.

     The example shown here is all original with the exception of one replaced nipple.  The lines are sharp, the revolver retains 60% of its original blued finish, and it is in excellent condition.  The rifling is strong and the bore bright.  All of the markings are crisp and clear.  The double action is tight and works perfectly.          

     The grip stock is virtually perfect; the hole that goes all the way through the grip was put there by the manufacturer and is made to accept a lanyard.

     This particular example came directly from Lewis Leigh’s personal collection and still has his inventory tag on it.



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