Confederate Made Georgia Two Piece


Description and Photograph



     The buckle shown here is a very crude, sand cast, copy made from a pre-war Georgia state seal sword belt buckle.  Even though the casting quality is poor, it is heavily gilted for use by one of Georgia’s officers.    The loss of detail in the casting process leave no doubt that it is one of the buckles made during the War as prior to the War much finer examples would have been desired, but could not be obtained.

     The seal shows an arch supported by "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation" and guarded by a soldier in arms.   Just before the War, Georgia’s leaders cast “moderation” to the wind and the other two pillars collapsed during the War.  Georgia’s citizen soldiers did their utmost to defend their three founding principles, though in the end, all three were crushed.

     The Confederate era Georgia buckles are among the rarest and most desirable of the Georgia two piece buckles.

     This non excavated example is still loaded with gilt and is in perfect condition.   



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