CS Impressed Percussion Cap Box


Description and Photograph



   Confederate accoutrements displaying the CS impressment are exceedingly rare.  Confederate manufacturers were more concerned with functionality than appearance.  However, the modern Confederate collector places a substantial premium on original CS marked accoutrements such as the one pictured here.

     The back, front flap and closure tab are all cut from a single piece of leather.  The body is made of pressed leather.  The inner flap and end tabs are made of leather.  The closing finial is made of turned wood.  With the exception that one side of the integral latch tab has been separated and rejoined, this is the best example of this rare box I have ever seen.  The box is strong and flexible.  All of the stitching is original and tight.  It is in such remarkably fine condition, it could be used today without fear of breakage.

     It has an exceptionally clear CS imprimatur and though having a heavy patina it miraculously has never been oiled so it still retains its original russet surface.  




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