16th Virginian's Handbook


Description and Photograph



     This is a “Volunteer’s Handbook” printed in 1860 by West & Johnston at 145 West Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.  This particular book was owned by William D. Montague, Company H, 16th Virginia Infantry.

     Montague enlisted in Company H on April 18, 1861 as Second Corporal.  Being a new officer he needed this book to learn how to perform his duties.  He has signed the book twice, first in pencil, and then again in red ink.  Both signatures are clear and easily legible.  On March 26, 1862 he and the entire Company H formed the Norfolk Light Artillery Blues and he served throughout the War as a Corporal of various ranks.  The Blues were a very hard fought Battery, serving with the Army of Northern Virginia.  Corporal Montague remained in Confederate service till the bitter end; he is last shown on the rolls as in the hospital in Danville, Virginia on April 7, 1865.

     The book has some light staining and the corners are worn from use, but it is in very good condition.  This book just came out of Norfolk, Virginia and has never been on the collector’s market before. 



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