Isaac, Campbell & Co.

Confederate Box


Description and Photograph



    S. Isaac, Campbell & Co. supplied numerous articles of war to the fledgling Confederacy.  Samuel Isaac was a New Yorker, but he did not let that stop him from becoming a major supplier to the Confederacy.  He, along with a relative, bought out a well established English military outfitter in 1861 and operated it until the end of the War.

     The firm supplied the Confederacy with knapsacks, cartridge boxes, belts, cap boxes, swords, buttons and firearms of English manufacture.  Occasionally, examples are found bearing Isaac & Campbell’s mark.  Because Isaac & Campbell only sold to the Confederacy, these marked pieces are strictly Confederate and are highly sought after by collectors.

     The box shown here likely ran the blockade, and was issued with the Enfield rifle and rifle-muskets brought from England.  It could however have been issued with any Confederate long arm.

     The box carries the “S. ISAAC CAMPBELL & Co. 71 JERMYN ST. LONDON” stamping on the inside of the outer flap.  I have noticed an interesting variation found in these Confederate imported boxes that slightly differs from the English issue; on nearly all of these boxes, the closure tab is cut in exactly the same way as the one shown here.  For another example, see Collecting the Confederacy, page 92.  This cut was apparently made by the Confederate government rather than the soldiers themselves, because each one is cut in precisely the same manner.  This was done to facilitate opening the box.  The extremely long shank and bulbous head of the English finial made the box slow to open.  With this slight alteration, it became much easier to open and still closed securely.

     The box shows use, but is in excellent condition.  The leather is strong and easily pliable.    



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