Regulation Confederate Infantry Cap


Description and Photograph




     The Confederate infantry cap shown here is one of the few that follow Confederate uniform regulations.  The body is made of cadet grey wool broadcloth and with a 1 ľ inch, blue band of broadcloth running around the circumference of its base.  This color combination is strictly Confederate and is one of the very few Confederate caps in existence that actually has the proscribed branch of service infantry blue band.  The materials used in the capís construction are quintessentially Confederate.  The visor is made of a single layer patent leather; the chinstrap is made of painted canvas and is attached with simple flat buttons.  The 1 3/16 inch sweatband and the underside of the top stiffener are also made of painted canvas.  The sweatband is stiffened with burlap.  The liner is made from coarse woven cotton with an interwoven checked pattern.  The capís top stiffener is made from newspaper pressed into a pasteboard.  The single row of braid is made of herringbone woven wool rather than brass.

     Affixed to the front of the cap is a die-stamped hat pin bearing the Louisiana state seal; a mother pelican feeding her young from the blood of her breast.  The insignia is attached by one of two original wire hooks.  The insignia is definitely original to the cap.  Many images of Louisiana soldiers are known that show their caps adorned with this device, but I know of no other surviving cap with its original insignia.

     The cap comes with an examination report from Americaís most recognized authority on Confederate uniforms and has had necessary dye analysis done to insure its date of manufacture.

     The newspaper, painted canvas, coarse woven checked lining, single ply patent visor and original Louisiana state insignia distinguish this Confederate cap as one of the most spectacular I have ever had the pleasure of examining.                                                                                                            



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