Stainless Banner


Description and Photograph




When the new Confederacy struck out on it’s own it adopted the First National pattern or "Star and Bars" flag to represent the new nation, while still clinging to fond memories of the old flag. Bitterness at the invading northern foe soon wiped away all those fond memories and a new flag that would better represent the Southland was sought out. On May 1, 1863 the Confederate Congress adopted a new flag. The new flag was to have a field of white, representing the purity of the Southern cause. As a tribute to the many fallen and yet living heroes of the Army of Northern Virginia the canton was to be identical to the A.N.V. battleflag. This fit in well with the theme of purity as the A.N.V. flag bears the Saint Andrews Cross, so called because Andrew felt unworthy of being crucified in the same manner as our Lord. In order to accommodate Andrew his tormentors put his cross in the ground at 45 degrees. Many of these "Stainless Banners" were used as battleflags and the more common 1st National was generally, but not always used as a patriotic flag. The "Stainless Banner" pictured here is Regimental size measuring 42" on the hoist and 49" on the fly and was attached to the flagstaff by means of a sleeved hoist.

The flag is in excellent condition with minor mothing and has no repairs.






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