Confederate LeMat


Description and Photograph




The LeMat "grapeshot" revolver was a highly prized sidearm among Confederate officers. There were less than 3,000 made for the Confederacy. It was a very high quality firearm and delivered an unprecedented amount of firepower. Having 9 .42 caliber charges rotating around one 20 gauge shotgun barrel. The hammer could be converted from striking the revolving pistol caps to striking the central shotgun cap with the flick of a thumb. A truly formidable weapon indeed!

The weapon offered here is serial #915 and is marked "Col. LeMat BTE sgdg Paris". Serial numbers located on cylinder, frame, barrel and loading lever all match. The two piece checkered walnut grips are crisp. Much of the original blue remains in the less exposed areas, three of the screw heads show slight wear. Overall the condition is EXCELLENT!





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