Memphis Novelty Works Sword


Description and Photograph




This beautiful Confederate Cavalry Sword was manufactured by the Memphis Novelty Works, Thomas Leech & Co.

Leech began the manufacture of all manor of weapons at Main and McCall Streets, Memphis, Tennessee in September of 1861.  Shortly thereafter, he was joined by Charles Rigdon.  Leech and Rigdon moved their manufactory to Columbus, Georgia in May of 1862 when Memphis fell to the Yankees.

Thus, the highly desirable three-line address stamped into the quillon clearly shows the time and place of manufacture.  It had to be produced in Memphis, between September of 1861 when Leech went into the sword business, and May of 1862 when Memphis fell.

The sword is in excellent condition.  The grip wrap and double twist brass wire is 100% complete.  The unstopped blade is smooth and semi bright from ricasso to point and the edge is nick free!  The scabbard is correct and original to the sword.  It too is in excellent condition.  Throat, mounts and drag are brass.  The iron is smooth and nearly ding free.  The name J. W. AND is crossed hatched into the underside of the guard.

This sword is among the very finest extant.



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