Augusta Arsenal Cap Box 


Description and Photograph






On January 24, 1861, the "Clinch Rifles" took over the U.S. Arsenal at Augusta, Georgia.  Eleven days later the state of Georgia turned over the facility to the government.

Here was also established the Augusta Powder Works, the whole being commanded by one of the Confederacy’s most enterprising officers, Colonel Gabriel Rains.

The Arsenal everything from cannon and limbers down to friction primers for the artillery.  It also produced caps, power and bullets for the Confederate Infantry, along with the necessary belts and boxes.

The exceedingly rare percussion cap box shown here is one of their very earliest products.  It has a brass closing finial like the U. S. models, but slightly cruder.  It also has two belt loops, which copper riveted at the bottom and stitched at the top.  Under close examination, you will notice that the right loop is wider than the left, a distinguishing characteristic.  The box was never fitted with a wool static guard.  The closing latch tab is made integral with back and front cover.

The maker mark and year are neatly stamped into the box’s face using a single die, AUGUSTA ARSENAL 1861.  The letters generally join at the base.

This arsenal marked and dated example is one of the rarest of all Confederate Cap Boxes.  This example is FLAWLESS. 



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