T. G. O. & Co. Cavalry Officer's Sword


Description and Photograph




The New Orleans, Louisiana manufactory of Thomas, Griswold & Co. is well known for its Artillery Sabre sheathed in a distinctive brass scabbard.  Less known and much rarer is their Cavalry Officer’s Sabre, also sheathed in a distinctive brass scabbard.

Shown here is a pristine example of this rare Officer’s Sword.  The original leather grip and twisted brass wire wrap are one hundred percent complete. The guard is tight and the throat washer intact.  The semi-bright blade is totally smooth and nick free.  The ricasso is clearly marked T. G. & Co. N. O. In short, it is perfect.

This exceptional sword is still sheathed in its original, all brass scabbard. The scabbard is completely ding free and has lovely golden patina.

Both the sword and scabbard are as pure and untouched as they come.

If you want the very best, this is it!



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