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Columbus Naval Iron Works Cutlass
Item #: OS-7431

The Confederate Naval cutlass shown here was made at the Columbus, Georgia Naval Iron Works. The S guard of this twenty-four inch cutlass is made of iron. Others are sometimes made of brass. The wasp-wasted blade is alike on all of them.

These swords were originally intended to be used by Naval boarding parties. The idea being that when two ships engaged in close quarters combat, the attacking party would leap from their own ship onto the enemy ship. The cutlass would then be used in hand to hand combat, but more importantly they could hack through the enemy ships rigging, thereby disabling the ship.

By the time of the War Between the States, rifled cannon made boarding parties obsolete just as the rifled musket had made smoothbore musket tactics obsolete. Though obsolete, cutlasses were standard equipment on Confederate ships.

Condition: This sword is not in the condition normally associated with Old South Military Antiques, so pay particular attention.

The wooden grip is excellent and has a deep natural patina and it remains perfectly tight. The iron ferule and S guard have been cleaned. They are in good condition and were cleaned evenly. The S guard has just enough play to make it "click”. The blade has a nice surface and original patina, but the edges have numerous nicks. I will not give you the BS story that this is battle damage. This was done in play by sailors, drunks or children, but I repeat myself. This may have been done then, or 10 years ago. The edges of the nicks have been lightly hit with a file to take of the sharp edges, but did not extend into the blade. Perhaps an eighth of an inch is missing from the point and it has been slightly filed.

Inevitably I get things like this in trade or in with a group of items that I had to buy in order to get what I wanted out of it. Normally I sell these items to other dealers at a wholesale price. However, I would not be able to do that until the Dalton show in February, so I am going to offer it to you for the same price that I would sell it wholesale to them.

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