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Boyle & Gamble Field and Staff Officer’s Sword Guard
Item #: OS-7430

Boyle & Gamble was the Confederacy’s most prolific maker of officer’s swords and the company’s field and staff officer’s sword is easily the most recognized sword produced during the Confederate era. This sword is designated a Field and Staff Sword because of the "C S" cast into the guard. This is a throwback to the U.S. Regulation Field and Staff where officers, major and above, were authorized to carry such a sword. This was a very lax standard in the Confederate Army, where everyone used anything that they could get.

There is much symbolism cast into the counter guard of this sword. The corn represents the South’s agricultural base, the laurel wreath, the valor of the Confederate soldier and the star over "C S” is the rising star of the Confederacy.

Shown here is an example of the company’s Field & Staff Officer’s guard. The non-excavated guard is in near pristine condition. Assembly number 2 is stamped into the underside of the basket.

This is a lot of relic for only $2,500.00

Price $2,500.00 USD