Old South Military Antiques

Georgia Cavalry Sword
Item #: OS-7373

The Confederate Government purchased tens of thousands of English Model 1853 Cavalry swords during the War Between the States. The State of Georgia also purchased arms and equipment for its own state forces, among these, the Model 1853, Light Cavalry Sword shown here. The prominent "G” stamping on both the sword and scabbard shows that this sword was brought through the blockade expressly for the for the State of Georgia, Confederate States of America.

Besides the "G" mark, the sword has the S. Isaac, Campbell & Company mark on the blade’s spine.

S. Isaac, Campbell & Co. supplied numerous articles of war to the fledgling Confederacy. Isaac has long been considered a New Yorker, but new research has definitively shown that to be incorrect. A recent work attributes Isaac to having been a native Brit; he had long been a well-established military outfitter in 1861. Fortunately, he added the name of Campbell at the beginning of the War, so we can distinguish his Confederate supplies from his British supplies. Campbell was an attorney and apparently no more than a financier. The firm supplied the Confederacy with knapsacks, cartridge boxes, belts, cap boxes, swords, buttons and firearms of English manufacture. Occasionally, P53 swords are found bearing Isaac & Campbell’s mark. These marked pieces are strictly Confederate and are highly sought after by collectors. As uncommon as they are, they are relatively plentiful compared to examples of the "G” marked swords. The sword is in good condition; is totally untouched and unaltered since it was de-accessioned from the G.A.R collection in which it had found a home. The G.A.R. had painted the hilt gold, much of which still remains. The grips are slightly shrunken but remain tight and the hilt still remains tight.

In the last 30 years I have only seen a couple of "G” marked swords, and only one that had its original "G” scabbard, so this is a true rarity.