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Louis Haiman & Bro. Field & Staff Officer’s Sword
Item #: OS-6933

Columbus, Georgia sword makers Louis and Elias Haiman operated the largest sword manufactory within the Southern Confederacy. They rented the top floor of a building at the corner of Thomas and Short Streets, right beside the Haiman Armory. Here they set up the Confederate States Sword Factory. They produced more cavalry swords for the Confederacy than all the other manufacturers combined. They also made some of the finest officer’s swords of the Confederate era, though in very limited number. The officer’s swords were made not for the Confederacy, but for the retail trade to Confederate officers. They were etched by a local Columbus jeweler by the name of Spear, or a man named Kinsel. The Haiman’s sold their officer’s sword at a street level showroom on Broad Street. The company advertised "at reasonable prices for officers and sergeants, finished in the best quality for sale at the Confederate states Sword factory of Columbus, GA. We can furnish officers swords with belts for $25 or $22 if four were ordered in one lot. Our swords are tested according the rules laid down by the Manual of War.”

The company also produced brass belt plates and cartridge boxes, leather bayonet mountings, camp stove parts, shotgun bayonets, rifle bayonets, wagon covers, revolvers (they had a contract for 10,000, but very few were produced), mess plates and tin cups.

With the exception of their enlisted cavalry sword, which is relatively common, Haiman swords are extremely rare and beautiful. The artistry and quality of their etching is second to none.

This field & staff officer’s pattern by Haiman is one of the most desirable of all Confederate swords, because of the prominent CSA, inlaid into the counterguard and the overall elegance of the design. This is a beautiful example of their work. The condition is stellar. The hilt remains tight and the grip wrap and doubled and triple twisted brass wire are one hundred percent complete and in beautiful condition.

The blade has a very large etched panel that reads: "L. HAIMAN & BRO. MANUFcts COLUMBUS GA” The etching is done in deep relief; after etching, the artist did extensive chasing to highlight the detail. The etching artist decorated the blade with Greek symbolism; one panel displays the Confederacy "CS” between two phoenix. Greek mythology decreed that the ancient mythical creature, the phoenix, a legendary bird, would live for 500 years. Near the end of its life, the phoenix would build a funeral pyre for itself, and as it began to die, it would lay down on the wood and burst into flames, consumed by the fire. Immediately the phoenix would re-emerge, renewed from the purifying ashes, more beautiful and regal than before. This symbolized the death of the United States as founded and the rebirth of the Constitution withing the Confederacy, more perfect than the original.

Another panel features a Gorgon. The Gorgon, according to the legend, were ugly, terrifying monsters with wings, sharp claws and fangs and bodies which were covered with scales, like a dragon. They had deadly smiles and staring eyes. Gorgons were vicious monsters who remained undefeated, since anyone who saw their faces were instantly turned to stone. Other panels feature rococo leaf and vine patterns.

The sword is still sheathed in its original Haiman manufactured brass mounted, iron scabbard which is in near perfect condition. It would be like new except for a dent on each side of the brass drag; the iron doesn’t have a single ding.

The brass on both the sword and scabbard has the perfectly beautiful tone so desired by collectors.

Price $59,000.00 USD