Old South Military Antiques

The Best of the Rarest of Boxes!
Item #: OS-7397

People that are unfamiliar with mid-nineteenth century military weaponry generally have the impression that soldiers carried a powder horn or some variation of one. In reality, soldiers were issued cartridges consisting of a paper tube, filled with a powder charge and ball. These paper cartridges were issued in paper packs of ten. Because they were made of paper, the cartridges were very fragile and even a slight wetting would ruin them; therefore, it was necessary that they be carried in a leather box which served to keep the cartridges dry. The box also served to keep out sparks during the heat of battle. Should a spark enter the box, the resulting explosion would severely injure or kill its owner. Basically, each soldier had a bomb strapped to his waist and only this box to keep it from igniting.

This box is designed to be used as a musket box (carried on a sling) rather than as a rifleman’s box (carried on the belt).

The rarest and most desirable of Confederate cartridge boxes have a painted canvas sling or a painted canvas box; this has both. These painted canvas boxes are from the deep south, most likely Columbus, Georgia. Columbus was the largest manufacturer of painted canvas and the only maker marked painted canvas boxes were produced by Columbus manufacturers.

I could almost describe the box with one word: perfect. Except for the broken leather latch tab and the missing tab on the tool pouch, the box is perfect. The box’s body is perfect, the tool pouch is perfect, the end tabs are perfect, the inner flap is perfect, the buckles are perfect, the lead finial is perfect, oh, and did I say the box was perfect? And it gets better! As hard as it is to find a perfect box, it is virtually impossible to get a perfect painted, canvas sling, they nearly all have broken or repaired leather rangers. But its original painted canvas sling is perfect!

Not only is the sling strong and supple enough to hang on a mannequin, it is so strong you could, (not that you would want to) load it with 40 rounds and still hang in on your uniform mannequin! There is no weakness anywhere in the box or strap.

If a painted canvas Confederate box with its original painted canvas sling is something you eventually want to add to your collection, you likely will never see another box and sling equal to this quality again in your lifetime.

It costs a premium to get the very best of collectibles, but they prove to be the best investments, and I have never yet heard anyone regret having bought the very best quality.