Old South Military Antiques

Confederate Army Sword
Item #: OS-7385

Tens of thousands Model 1853 Cavalry sabers were purchased by the Confederate government during the War Between the States. Purchased in England by Confederate allied agents, the swords were shipped to the neutral ports of Bermuda, Havana or Nassau. Here they were reloaded into swift moving blockade-running ships, which under cover of darkness slipped into Confederate controlled ports.

Like the Enfield rifles imported by the Confederacy, most were unmarked and cannot be positively identified as Confederate used. There are only a few ways to identify the Confederate models. The Pattern or P53 saber with a brass guard can be identified as Confederate, because the British only used iron. But a model with an iron guard can only be considered Confederate if marked by a Southern importer such as Isaac & Co, or documented attribution.

The example shown here has documented attribution; documented in iron! The owner had the scabbard engraved "Confederate Army 1860-1864” It’s a shame he did not put his name on it, but he gave us some clues as to his identity. For example, though this is a cavalry pattern, it was used by an army officer. The date, 1860-1864 tells us his dates of service, not the years of the War. And, since his service started in 1860, he had to be a South Carolinian, because only South Carolina had seceded on December 20th, 1860. The next state to secede was Mississippi on January 9th, 1861.

Not only is the engraving in this scabbard much better than the small Isaac & Co. stamp found on the spine of some swords, it displays one heck of a lot better. It would be very difficult to get better original Confederate display bang for the buck.

The sword and its original scabbard are in excellent, original condition. The pressed leather grips have some wear and very slight shrinkage, but remain exceedingly solid. The scabbard is dent free; the blade is nick free, but has a small amount of pin prick pitting near the tip. Even the throat washer is original.

Great sword, great value.