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Confederate Image With Two D-Guard Knives
Item #: OS-1404

This Albumen is of two identified Confederates holding large D-Guard knives. The Albumen is still mounted on its 10 by 8.25 inch cardstock. Actual exposed image size is 8.5 by 6.5 inches. The frame shows age, but is certainly from this century.

There is a name penciled on the back of the image in period script. It reads: P.C. Laine. There are only 27 Laines in the Confederate roster and only one possible match, Claiborne Laine of the 18th Louisiana Infantry, Company G. Claiborne was born in 1831 making him approximately 30 years old when he enlisted on October 27, 1861 at Camp Moore, Louisiana. He was captured December 8, 1862 at Lafourche, Louisiana and exchanged February 20 near Baton Rouge. He returned to duty and was left behind after the battle of Texana Road. When he returned to duty it was with the 18th Infantry, Yellow Jacket Battalion, Company F. The last he shows up is February 25, 1864 when he rejoined his company from the hospital.

It is apparent from the pictures that the soldiers are brothers, though in two different units. Claiborne’s brother, John B. Laine, was born in 1835 and enlisted in Captain Todd’s Prairie Rangers, Louisiana Cavalry August 20, 1862 and last shows up on the surviving rolls December 31, 1862. However it is known that he survived, married and named his third child Claiborne.

The photographic artist who took this image was quite skilled in the use of highlight and gilt. The gilt has faded, but the guards of both knives, the breast plate and uniform buttons are all gilted. The image shows very good contrast and is in very good condition. The actual correct image tone is shown in the close-up.

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