Old South Military Antiques

Confederate Foot Artillery Sword
Item #: OS-7044

This 24.25-inch Confederate Short Sword is modeled after the Roman warrior’s sword of ancient times and more recently the artillery sword of the Napoleonic War era. In fact, I have seen war time billing invoices that actually refer to these short swords as "Roman Swords”.

It was originally intended to kill or maim charging cavalry horses, but the War Between the States weaponry rendered such a use impractical. It was likely used more often to slay overly aggressive swine (those that could not get away) or to clear fields of fire for the artillery.

The sword shown here is in good condition. The hilt is tight as when it was new. The blade has some scttered pitting but it has not been altered, cleaned, sharpened or repointed. no damage or nick. The hilt, with a prominent C and S on the ends of the quillons makes it perhaps the most attractive of the Confederate Foot Artillery Swords.

I once thought these were made in Richmond, but I no longer do. Others think it was made by Leech & Rigdon, but the simple fact is, we just don’t know. It is an extremely rare sword in any condition.

Price $3,900.00 USD