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Exquisite A. H. Dufilho Field & Staff Officer’s Sword
Item #: OS-6909

The sword shown here is one of the most exquisite I have ever offered. It was made in New Orleans, Louisiana by Agrider H. Dufilho. Dufilho made some of the finest swords of the Confederate era. 1860 found him located at 21 Royal Street as a maker of surgical instruments and fine cutlery of every description. The Confederate government purchased of him on May 11, 1861, 2 amputation cases, 1 trepanning, on May 30, 1861, 2 amputating cases, on March 27, 1862, 50 Naval cutlasses, on April 5, 1862, 50 cutlasses and on April 15, 1862, 100 cutlasses. On April 24, 1862 the city fell, thus ending Dufilho’s sales to the Confederate government, and certainly the end of his Confederate sword making enterprise for private sale. Thus, this sword had to have been made prior to the end of April, 1862.

1878 found an H. Dufilho as principle of the Live Oak, boy’s school at the corner of Constance and Ninth Streets.

This sword, bearing the Louisiana State Seal, flanked by the large Roman letters "CS” is his most famous product, and this example is near perfect. One can easily see why he is famous for this remarkable sword.

The sword’s blade is beautifully etched with a prominent "CS” on one side and the Louisiana State Seal on the other, with vines and stars throughout the remainder of the etching. The blade is marked "DUFILHO over N. ORLEANS" at the ricasso. Only the LHO and the complete N. ORLEANS are clearly visible, the Dufilho being stamped on the rise of the fuller, the stamp did not seat squarely. The blade is still sheathed in its original scabbard with scalloped mounts and drag. The leather body was originally painted, as all are, but because the surface paint was crazed, some crazed collector scraped off the paint, and repainted the entire leather body so that it would look as new as the sword. This is the only thing that detracts from this sword’s perfection.

As beautiful as is the sword’s etching, the hilt is its glory. The basket is as tight on the blade and ivory grip is as when it was made. The grip is wound with two strands of twisted brass wire. The entire grip, ivory and all has the most beautiful, deep, natural patina one can imagine.

This is without a doubt among the most beautifully made swords ever produced in the Confederacy, and with the exception of the one flaw above noted it is in nearly new condition.

Price $85,000.00 USD