Old South Military Antiques

Enlisted CS Cavalry Belt, Holster and Cartridge Box
Item #: OS-7272

The belt shown here is an extremely rare CS enlisted cavalry belt with concealed rangers, but as rare as it is, it is relatively common compared to the original Confederate carbine cartridge box it carries. Infantry cartridge boxes had tin liners with large openings in order to hold multiple packets of pre-manufactured paper cartridges. The Confederate carbine cartridge box is very distinctive from its infantry counterpart. It is much smaller of course, but other than the size, the most notable difference is the tin liner’s configuration. The Confederate carbine cartridge box, unlike its Yankee counterpart, was designed to hold paper cartridges in individual tin tubes. The tubes were individually formed and then soldered together in a rectangular block that coincided with the cartridge box’s shape. These individual tubes gave extra protection to the linen or paper cartridges.

The belt also retains its original Confederate manufactured Navy sized holster. The holster’s leather is in very good condition, but the thread used to sew the seam was inferior and has not held up, so the seam has been closed with an epoxy. But for this poor thread the holster would be in perfect condition. The belt and carbine box are in perfect condition and are strong and supple.

Belt, holster, nor cartridge box have been oiled and so retain their natural russet appearance, though darkened somewhat by the patina. The accompanying pictures can better convey the color than can I.

This is an exceptional bargain, as the complete rig can be bought for the price of the carbine box alone: $3400.00