Old South Military Antiques

The Last Meeting?
Item #: OS-7219

The large half plate ambrotype shown here is in pristine, well focused and well contrasted condition. The two men shown in this image are presumed to be father and son. The father’s face is filled with pride, but you can clearly see that he has the experience to recognize the seriousness and the solemnity of the occasion. Surely, he wonders if he will ever see his son again. I wonder if he did?

Both men appear to be part of the South’s aristocracy; the father a businessman or planter in a fine, silk suit complete with vest and bow tie. The son, obviously a dashing Confederate cavalryman, wears a bow tie and a high collared white linen shirt. His uniform consists of a finely made battle shirt that gives him that jaunty air so prevalent in the Confederate cavalry’s early years. He has a Colt six shooter and a Sheffield type knife stuck in his belt. Confederate grey trousers are tucked into his thigh high riding boots. The boots are still slick and new, without a visible scratch in their fine surface.

This sitting was likely made expressly to preserve the image of the son should he be killed in the strife to come. At his death a broken-hearted mother will sit in front of the fire in the homestead, stare at the image and wonder what her precious boy would have become had those vile yankees not invaded their land. Then at the end of four years of unholy war, she would mourn away the rest of her life that her child was sacrificed in vain. Reader, consider that hundreds of thousands of mothers sat in mourning throughout the Southland. How did they manage? How could they bear it?

Hopefully this young man survived; if he did, he came back a different man. I prefer to think he came home. It is housed in a nearly perfect "Richmond” thermoplastic case.

I think this quite a bargain for a crystal clear half plate ambrotype for only $5,900.00

Price $5,900.00 USD