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Published Confederate Canteen
Item #: OS-7203

During the course of the War millions of canteens were manufactured in the South. Every man in the Southern Army carried a canteen and most would go through several by War’s end. To supply this need, canteens were manufactured at Confederate government facilities, but the government facilities could supply only a small fraction of the canteens required to equip the Army. In order to meet the pressing need for canteens the Confederate government purchased the vast majority of canteens from private manufacturing concerns. The most widely used Confederate canteen was made of wood because any cooperage could easily convert to the manufacture of wooden canteens as they required exactly the same skills as barrel making.

The canteen shown here is the classic Confederate wood drum canteen, but it is truly remarkable in that it remains totally complete. Wooden Confederate canteens can be readily found, but is rare indeed when one comes across one that is in perfect complete condition. This example is complete with sling, spout and stopper. The sling is Confederate manufactured of "bed ticking” The sling is very except for one weak place, which I have shown in the pictures. It is no danger of separating, but it would not do to put it on a mannequin unless it was reinforced. It has a rare, threaded pewter spout, as well an extra spout of the same type for display. Both were published in Civil War Canteens, by Sylvia and O’Donnell, on page 27.

The canteen was coated with varnish by the Confederate who carried it, or his near descendants, thus giving it a beautiful aged patina.

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