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Perfect South Carolina Breastplate
Item #: OS-7185

This shoulder belt plate bears the state seal of South Carolina. South Carolina was an old and prosperous state prior to the War. As such, she was able to equip her volunteer army with the finest of accoutrements. There are more variations of the South Carolina waist belt, cartridge box and breastplate than there are of any other state in the Confederacy.

These South Carolina breastplates were based on the U.S.pattern 1826. The breastplate was made by die stamping sheet brass with the state seal. It was then filled with lead to hold the pin in place and give it extra strength. Some of these plates were later changed to cartridge box plates and belt plates.

These plates were not merely decorative, like the Virginia breastplate, it pinned the soldier’s cartridge box and bayonet scabbard’s web belts together at the cross of the breast. The cross belts were then held in place at the waist with a cotton web belt fastened with a matching state seal waist belt plate.

With the exception of a slight discoloration, shown in the picture, this example is in perfect, pristine condition.
Price $4,000.00 USD