Old South Military Antiques

One of the Finest Confederate Bowie Knives
Item #: OS-7200

  Note the heavy silver plating where the scabbard's throat covered it.

Every soldier North and South needed a knife when they marched off to war, and in the South, it was fashionable, if not practical to carry a large fighting knife, the bigger the better judging from war era photographs.

This beautiful Bowie knife is sixteen inches long from pommel to point. It has an elongated oval, silver plated brass cross-guard with a brass ferule at the base of the grip. The wooden grip is tightly wound with brass wire. It remains as tight as when it was made. The expertly formed blade is in beautiful bright condition, it has not been cleaned; this is the original finish. The blade is extremely heavy, measuring a full quarter inch in thickness. The blade was clearly made by a skilled cutler or medical instrument maker. The six inch reverse edge is hollow ground, something only the most skilled craftsmen could make. When you hold it, you can feel quality in your hand.

The knife is sheathed in its original red scabbard with tin mounts; and a remarkable scabbard it is. The scabbard is made of the finest leather, that remains as strong as when it was made. The well-formed tin mounts are in excellent condition. The brass mounting stud is as tight and strong as when it was made. Note that the shape of the reverse edge is cut into the scabbard’s leather to add a bit of elegance.

The knife came out of North Carolina, but I don’t know any more of its history. This is the best of the best for condition, style and aesthetic beauty and it is totally original and uncleaned.