Old South Military Antiques

Confederate Cap Box
Item #: OS-6116

Every Confederate soldier that carried a gun had to have a waterproof cap box to store and protect a supply of percussion caps. A firearm without a cap was useless. All over the South, contractors sought to fill this need. Unlike their Union counterparts, which were virtually identical, Confederate cap boxes came in assorted sizes and materials.

The leather on this cap pouch is strong and supple and retains a smooth surface. The stitching is all original and remains tight. The box has two loops similar to Federal arsenal made boxes but the loops are sewn instead of riveted. The lead finial is secure and the washer remains in place on the interior. Both end tabs remain securely attached. Even the cover latch tab is broken on one side of the finial hole, but otherwise is strong. This is a very nice example of a pure Confederate cap pouch.

Price $950.00 USD