Old South Military Antiques

Spiller & Burr Revolver Holster
Item #: OS-7123

This holster has two characteristics that identify it as a purely Confederate manufactured accoutrement; the toe is open and the closure tab is of the horizontal strap type. It is not supple, just slightly stiff, but opens and closes easily. The holster will not receive a revolver due to slight shrinkage but would display well with one. There is no manufacturer’s marking (none of these are) but it is of the type made by and issued with the Spiller & Burr revolver. There is wear/damage to the portion that would be above the top strap of a Spiller & Burr revolver. This was done by the wear of the revolver itself. All of the stitching remains tight and the belt loop is solid. The closure latch remains in very good condition as well.