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Identified CSN Button
Item #: OS-7122

The CSN button shown below belonged to well known Confederate Navy collector Charlie Peery. It is accompanied by a scan of Charlie’s letter to the buyer. This is only a scan, but I am told by the owner that he can provide the original copy. Since I am admittedly not well versed in buttons, I am going to provide Charlie’s information:

"This 23 mm coat CSN Firman button came to me from Vernon Moss, the well know Confederate button collector in Wilson, NC who died several years ago. Vernon told me at the time (late 1970s) that I got the button from him that he understood that the button had belonged to William H. Parker CSN”

Let me be clear, this id is better than a verbal id, but I do not consider it solid, and the button should be judged only on its own merits. The history is just a free bonus.
Price $850.00 USD