Old South Military Antiques

6th North Carolina State Troops
Item #: OS-6983

This beautiful and rare Confederate Waist Belt Buckle is perhaps the most attractive of all Confederate plates. There are several reasons for this, obviously it offers great eye appeal, there were few made and yet fewer survive. Still, its most attractive feature is the enormous amount of history that it is associated with. No other Confederate Belt Buckle carries with it such a specific historical record.

The 6thNorth Carolina State Troops were organized in Burlington, North Carolina by men from Almance, Chatham, Caswell, Rowan, Wake, Orange, Mecklenburg, Burke, Catawba, Mitchell and Yancey Counties. The regiment was assembled and equipped (right down to this belt plate) by Colonel Charles Fisher in May of 1861. The patriotic Colonel Fisher, sadly, was killed at the battle of Bull Run. Colonel Fisher’s beloved 6thwent on to fight in every major engagement of the renowned Army of Northern Virginia. The 6th served under Generals Bee, Whiting, Law, Hoke, Godwin and Lewis. In all my years of examining these fine plates I have only seen four that retained the soldered on hooks because the strain of camp and field pulled them off, or if excavated, the movement of the ground freezing and thawing pulls them off.

Other than missing the hooks, the plate is perfect, retaining its full body curve.