Old South Military Antiques

W. J. McElroy Artillery Sword
Item #: OS-7061

The sword shown here is believed to have been made by W. J. McElroy in Macon, Georgia. Both E. J. Johnston and W. J. McElroy manufactured swords in Macon, and Johnstonproduced a nearly, but not quite, identical artillery sword which is found sheathed in an identical scabbard. Because of the similarity of the two, and that these two makers are known to have shared craftsmen, it is generally assumed that the sword shown here was made by McElroy, even though no maker marked examples have come to light.

This is example is in good condition; it has some faults, as you can see edge of the blade has been filed to take the nicks off of the cuts in the blade’s edge, likely the result of too much sword play in camp, though it has been claimed as "battle damage” in the past. There is some loose play in the grip.