Old South Military Antiques

South Carolina Half Plate Ambrotype
Item #: OS-6856

It was rare for an ambrotype to be taken in the large half plate format and they rarely become available. When available they command a premium price. Even at the time it was taken it was much more expensive than the smaller quarter or sixth plate images, thus its rarity. It was only the wealthy who could afford such a portrait.

The South Carolina officer in this large half plate image has the look of aristocracy.

Judging from his uniform the image was likely taken at the beginning of the War. After experiencing the realty of war, no officer wanted to make himself such a conspicuous target. The officer is decked out in full regalia, from his epaulets to his South Carolina waist belt. The Palmetto on his belt can be readily seen. He has an incredible thirty-two buttons on the front of his uniform and the sleeves. He probably has at least another four on his tails.

The image is housed in a perfect thermoplastic case. The rural plantation scene is on the back side of the case. The bright spots are reflections and are not on the image. The contrast in the image is weak, which can be seen in the pictures. There is no solarization. With the exception of the few scratches, shown in the photos, both the case and the image are perfect
Price $5,400.00 USD