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Leech & Rigdon Spur
Item #: OS-7114

The excavated spur shown here was made by the firm Thomas Leech & Company, also known as the Memphis Novelty Works. Thomas S. Leech moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1854 to establish a cotton dealership. It was financed by his partners: his brother John B. Leech, Thomas Harrison, Sir Arthur Forwood, and Sir William Bower Forwood of Liverpool, England. Leech opened the firm of Thomas Leech & Co., Cotton Broker, at 35 Front Row Street in Memphis.

As war became imminent, Leech and his partners began to expand their business to include war material. The military items were sold under the name of "Memphis Novelty Works, Thomas Leech & Co”. Under this name Leech manufactured Swords, Spurs, Side Knives, Belts, Buckles and Pistols. Leech later formed a partnership with Charles H. Rigdon and renamed the partnership Leech & Rigdon in 1862.

During the period from November 6, 1861 through June 18, 1862, Thomas Leech & Co. delivered to the Confederate Army Depot 2,017 swords and scabbards, belts, buckles and side arms. On July 26, 1862 Leech & Rigdon delivered 750 sets of gun mountings at $3.00 per set and 7 swords at $25.00 each; on August 4th another 30 swords were delivered as well as 400 pairs of spurs at $1.75 each.

These spurs went almost exclusively to the western armies, and this particular spur has a verbal history, which I have reason to believe is accurate, of having been part of the Sanford Potts collection, where it was recorded as having been excavated in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The spur has not alterations or repairs. As you can see from the images, it is slightly bent, and the iron rowel has rusted away. Otherwise, it is a perfect, excavated Leech & Rigdon spur. $2,150.00

Price $2,150.00 USD